What is Times to Remember?


Times to Remember is a unique and innovative multi-sensory product. Fast, easy, effective, and fun, it’s guaranteed to help your learner memorize the basic multiplication tables from 0-9.  The key is found in its beautifully illustrated rhymes, created with careful consideration to both visual and auditory learning.  Fun activities, requiring minimal instruction, are incorporated to provide kinesthetic (hands on) learning as well so that all learners, regardless of learning styles, can celebrate success.


The illustrations have been created with a focus on factor shape, and the rhymes with a focus on the sound of the product (the answer). For example, the numbers 6 and 9 both have long ‘necks’; one stretches upward and one stretches downward. With the addition of pencil-thin legs and a few embellishments they easily convert to flamingos. So, we See, we Read, we Sing, we Clap, we Color— and best of all we Remember—“6×9 catching fish galore, 6×9=54”. *


The illustrated rhymes are designed so that learners will recall the answer regardless of the factor order. For this reason there is only one illustrated rhyme per number set. All begin with the smaller factor. The portion of each illustration (the smaller factor) is later used as a ‘hint’ on review pages, activities and flashcards, providing additional supports.


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The Times to Remember Story…


Times to Remember began the spring of 2002 with a pencil, a notebook, and a mother’s determination to teach her struggling son the basic multiplication tables. Sandra Warren, a secondary biology teacher with a Masters of Science degree in education, was inspired by her love for her children. A mother of three, including one with special needs, Sandra was continually seeking innovative ways to help her children learn.  So, for her son she created simple rhymes and sketches based on the shape of the factors (the multipliers) and the sound of the product (the answer).


“These were not only fun for him, they were working,” said Sandra, explaining that the strength of  Times to Remember is in its simplicity.  “These illustrated rhymes provided simple visual and auditory connections from the unfamiliar and abstract to the familiar and concrete.”

In fact, it worked so well that Sandra revived the idea in 2006 when she later taught elementary math at a bi-lingual school while her family was living in the Dominican Republic.

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The Research


Times to Remember was created using best educational practices for aiding memory. In summary, the research below supports a visual inspection strategy combined with a word-based strategy for rapid recall as well as visual and auditory connections from the unfamiliar and abstract to the familiar and concrete. Times to Remember, the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables uses these strategies along with multi-sensory extensions.


1) VISUAL (See!):  Times to Remember uses a visual inspection strategy of the factors (numbers multiplied) represented as familiar objects.

2) AUDITORY (Say!):  Times to Remember uses a word-based strategy saying or singing the rhyme describing the factor illustrations.

3) KINESTHETIC (Do!):  Times to Remember incorporates both fine and gross-motor activities coloring and tracing the equation and rhyme, while providing hand signals or body motions for educators or parents seeking additional kinesthetic learning.

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