All About Times to Remember

The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables


“We believe Times to Remember has great potential for the educational market. The presentation and organization isinnovative, relevant and compelling.”

Brian T. Scarlett, President, Didax,
(Makers of Unifix Math Cubes)

What is Times to Remember?

Times to Remember is a unique and innovative multi-sensory product. Fast, easy, effective, and fun, it’s guaranteed to help your learner memorize the basic multiplication tables from 0-9. The key is found in its beautifully illustrated rhymes, created with careful consideration to both visual and auditory learning. Fun activities, requiring minimal instruction, are incorporated to provide kinesthetic (hands on) learning as well so that all learners, regardless of learning styles, can celebrate success.


The illustrations have been created with a focus on factor shape, and the rhymes with a focus on the sound of the product (the answer). For example, the numbers 6 and 9 both have long ‘necks’; one stretches upward and one stretches downward. With the addition of pencil-thin legs and a few embellishments they easily convert to flamingos. So, we See, we Read, we Sing, we Clap, we Color— and best of all we Remember—“6×9 catching fish galore, 6×9=54”. *


The illustrated rhymes are designed so that learners will recall the answer regardless of the factor order. For this reason there is only one illustrated rhyme per number set. All begin with the smaller factor. The portion of each illustration (the smaller factor) is later used as a ‘hint’ on review pages, activities and flashcards, providing additional supports.


Not only is Times to Remember fun and easy, it takes only minutes for results. It can be presented to an entire classroom, small groups, or individual learners, and is especially effective for students who struggle with rote memorization, including those with special needs.


Times to Remember addresses all equations in the 0-9 times tables. 21 illustrations have been created for fact families in the 3,4,6,7,8, and 9 tables, commonly considered the ‘trickier’ tables. The 0,1,2 and 5 tables have simple strategies, which are taught and reviewed.


*Many students find the 9-times-table illustrated rhymes help them recall the answers more quickly than the common 9-table finger trick. (read more about the 9 times table.) This will take them to the parents page 9-times table section ( toward the end. )


Combining many intelligences and learning styles in these raps and pictures has benefited all my students, even those learning in their second or third language, which is most of my class. The students have even started saying the raps to each other when their classmates get stuck. I cannot imagine teaching multiplication without using these fantastic pictures and raps.”

– Mindy Seeman, 3rd Grade Teacher

How is Times to Remember unique from other products?


Other products tend to have numerous pages dedicated to preparation and instructions. The only preparation to begin learning with Times to Remember is that students need to know that all illustrated rhymes begin with the smaller factor. That’s it! It is extremely simple to use with its 1-2-3 step instructions.


Other products often require students to memorize a great deal of new material in order to recall the answers, such as factor rhyming words and stories. For students already struggling with memorization this can compound the problem. Read more…


How do I use it?


Although the presentation of Times to Remember varies from classroom to home use, it can be summarized and carried out in 3 basic steps:

  • STEP 1: Look carefully at an illustrated rhyme. Describe or think about what you see. Find the hidden numbers.
  • STEP 2: Say, sing or rap the rhyme several times.
  • STEP 3: Trace, color and review. Complete the corresponding trace-and-color activity page . Be sure to color and trace the equation and the rhyme. Trace or circle the hidden numbers in a special color to show you found them. Test yourself with the review pages that begin each chapter.


Although the steps above are all you need, Times to Remember has provided details, extensions, and suggestions for classroom and home-school use. Click here for more information.

“Your ideas are terrific, and I am sure teachers and children would enjoy and benefit from them.”

– Gillian Snoddy, Editor Creative Teaching Press