Most Popular Children’s Multiplication Book ?

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Thank you all for your vote of confidence and for spreading the word! Sales are increasing with the help of our new facebook page. Times To Remember has reached #1 today at Amazon under Kindle Popular Children’s Math Books! And, as of today, we have 175 likes!

The purpose of publishing Times to Remember is to help others with the daunting task of memorizing those pesky multiplication tables. I may never break even with the funds I’ve put into this project over the
past 6 years of development, however if it helps even one struggling child, then it has been a success.

I hope you don’t mind me bragging a bit, but I wanted you all to know that teachers, parents, and students are saying good things.

Please check out facebook (Times to Remember-Multiplication) to read what they are saying.

Thank you again for your support!
and please let me know how Times to Remember is working for you!!

🙂 Sandy