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As Parents and Grandparents you know the challenge of raising children. You teach them values, healthy habits, and you take an active role in their education. We know multiplication isn’t rocket science, but as far as we can see, it can get you there. It all starts with a solid math foundation, including mastering the basic tables. You know it. Multiplication comprehension is critical, but so it having split-second recall. Multiplication fluency helps prepare your child for higher-level mathematics. Times to Remember has been created to help you help your child move on to greater things.


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Common Questions Asked by Parents


Q: How can I help my child memorize the multiplication tables?


A: Memorizing the times table is a daunting task, not only for children, but also for the parents and teachers helping. Research and experience tells us that one of the best ways to memorize is to connect the abstract and unfamiliar with the concrete and familiar. This can be done with mnemonics, rhymes, pictures, and more. The process of helping your brain make these connections is helped further when the senses are involved. Seeing, saying, singing, clapping, tracing, and coloring are some ways to involve the senses. Times to Remember, the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables has been developed using best educational practices. (read more take this to research)


Q: Why is memorizing the multiplication tables so important?


Child and Parent learning Times to Remember“The importance of memorizing all the basic multiplication tables cannot be stressed enough; in order for students to be confident and successful in higher-level math, they must have rapid-fire response to the basic math facts.” – S.Warren M.S.Ed.


A: Children who have not mastered the basic multiplication tables will continually lag behind their peers. They will not have the basic math fluency required to move comfortably into higher-level math. Multiplication is used in science, geography, and even language arts and history. It’s used in our daily lives: finding the best deals at the grocery store or the mall; selling candy bars for a student fundraiser; organizing games; making two batches of a favorite recipe ……as you know, this list could go on.


Q: But isn’t it enough to understand the concept of multiplication?


A: It is critical that your child understand the concept of multiplication, for example, 8×8 means eight groups of eight. Your child can count his grouped items until he gets to 64. This is important, but it won’t solve a math problem, unless you have all day. A child must have split-second recall of the basic facts to have fluency in math beyond third grade.


Q: How do I use Times to Remember?


A: For equations in the 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, & 9 tables your child will following the Times to Remember 3-step approach (below). For the 0,1,2 & 5 tables other easy and fun strategies are used.


STEP 1: See: Look carefully at an illustrated rhyme. Describe or think about what you see. Find the hidden numbers.

STEP 2: Say: Sing or rap the rhyme several times.

STEP 3: Do: Trace, Color and Review the illustrated rhymes.

(Coloring pages are found in the Home & Classroom Activity Book)

Quizzes, Tests, unique factor-hint flashcards, and other creative and fun activities are found in the Home and Classroom Activity Book.


What aspects of Times to Remember do parents find most appealing?

Times to Remember Color Pages


  • Easy to Use: Times to Remember™ is easy to follow with only 3 basic steps. There is virtually no student preparation time (no factor rhyming words, and no stories to remember).
  • Effective: Parents who have used the Times to Remember products have noted marked increases in their child’s multiplication fluency.
  • A Great Value: Times to Remember products are priced economically. You are getting an exceptional product. Our distributors will accept returns for any reason, and give a full refund. Joyful Learning, Publications, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction and will help resolve any issues.

  • Multi-sensory: Supports all learners through a multi-sensory approach: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
  • Offers supports: Includes individual supports for children who need extra help. For example, corner-hint flash cards include a graphic clue which can be folded over and hidden depending on the needs of the individual learner. Picture-hint tests and flashcards are available as well.
  • Provides Repetition and Review: As a new times table is introduced the ones previously taught are reviewed. This is built into the creative organization of both the hard-cover and the resource book.
  • Joyful: The illustrated rhymes and related activities bring smiles and fun into homes, making a notoriously mundane task delightful for children, parents, and grandparents.
  • Green & Clean: E-book and related electronic formats are currently being developed.





Q: The 9 times-table finger trick is easy. So why are the 9 table equations included in the illustrated rhymes?


A: Because some students find the illustrated rhymes work even better. As well, they teach fact families!


Q: What’s a fact family?


A: A fact family is a group of numbers that belong together, such as 6, 9, and 54.


Q: Why is this important?


A: Because by learning a fact family such as 6, 9, and 54, your child can learn to solve four math equations!


Two Multiplication Equations! And later… Two Division Equations!

6×9=54 9×6=54 54/6=9 54/9=6


Q: Does the nine-table finger trick teach fact families?


A: No


Q: Then why is the finger trick included in the Times to Remember book?


A: Because it is another way to help a child when they get stuck.