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Teacher/Author Sandra J. Warren, MSEd

Times to Remember Book Cover

Times to Remember Hardcover BookStep 1: See it!)

    (Step 1: See it!)

Times to Remember

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For a child at home or students in a classroom, this beautifully illustrated hard-cover, 8.5×11, 84-page, full-color book will help teach those pesky facts once and for all. Open to any of the beautiful illustrated rhymes and begin learning immediately. Look how 6 and 9 (6×9) have turned into flamingos. They’re catching “fish galore” …hmm sounds like 54! We see eights with wings. They are buzzing bees leaving their honey hive. “8×8 go out the sticky door 8×8 is 64!” See how easy? Wait a minute. Not so fast. Can you find all the hidden numbers in each picture? Keep looking!

Times to Remember Audio CD

Times to Remember Audio CD

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Times to Remember
Sing-Along Songs

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Times to Remember, based on illustrated rhymes, is the fun and easy way to memorize those pesky facts. In Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of American music, these rhymes have been delightfully set to music—each with its own theme! Sing along to rock, country, blues, jazz and more. Follow along in your Times to Remember book, or complete other Times to Remember activities for a multi-sensory and fun-filled learning experience. Are you ready to sing along?

Times to Remember Book Cover

Times to Remember Activities Book

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Times to Remember
Home and Classroom Resource Book

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This 244 page, 8.5″ X 11″, comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow resource book, includes fun-filled reproducible activities designed for both home and classroom use. Fast, easy, effective and fun, it’s guaranteed to help your learner memorize the basic multiplication tables 0-9. Times to Remember targets common core math standards, as well as allow for differentiated instruction so that all learners, including those with special needs, find success.


Times to Remember Book Cover

iTunes Enhanced Musical e-Book

Times to Remember
iTunes Enhanced musical e-book

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Visual, Musical, Hands-on!
Times to Remember, based on picture-rhymes, offers an innovative, multi-sensory teaching strategy for memorizing the basic multiplication tables 0-9. This interactive digital version combines the 84-page children’s book with all 70 tracks of the Times to Remember Sing-Along Songs CD for fun filled learning.