What is Multi-Sensory Learning?

Times to Remember Makes Learning The Multiplication Tables Fun and Easy

Students singing and clappig to Times to Remember Multiplication Rhymes

See it, say it, sing it, clap it, color it, trace it in the air. These are some ways of using our senses to improve learning. We use our eyes, our ears, and our bodies to create new neural pathways. If our task involves memorization, then music is one of the best tools a teacher can use. Combine music with rhymes, pictures, and other mneumonics and everyone benefits! Students are not only learning more rapidly, they are having fun, and joy in the home and classroom has been shown to increase learning as well!. Have fun and be creative.

Please take a moment to share a specific multi-sensory learning experience you have used at home – or in your classroom – to help your child or students. The contributor of our favorite post will win a Free Times to Remember (multiplication) music CD!

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